Entryway Furniture

As the doorway to your house, the entryway ought to send positive vibes about your home. It should reflect well on your home setup and on you as a person. This only becomes possible when the entryway is well furnished. Don’t leave this space bare just because there isn’t much that goes on there anyway. Because, the truth is: the hallway plays a big role in making guests feel welcome and in keeping your home tidy. It’s where visitors can leave their coats, everyone can leave their shoes there, and it provides quick access storage for small everyday items like keys and bags. To achieve this level of efficiency, you need hallway furniture. After all, people aren’t going to leave their jackets and coats on the floor. Neither can go throwing your keys on the floor. Furniture brings order and in the hallway, it takes many forms.

Provence Hallway TableThe first type you need for this space is hallway storage furniture. Choose from items like shoe cabinets, closets, wardrobes, and chests of drawers. At the very least, you’ll need a shoe storage cabinet and a wardrobe. With these two, you have adequate storage for family members and guests to keep their coats, hats and shoes. It’s also a good idea to invest in hooks and hangers, as these increase storage. Have some shelving at a corner to further increase the amount of storage you have. Placing a bench on one side of the wall provides comfortable seating for anyone who wants to spend some time in the hallway. Moreover, the space inside the bench can be used to store a wide array of items. Adding a stool or two is another way to ensure there is ample seating whenever it’s needed in the hallway.

You’ll want to have some display furniture in the entryway. This is where you can place some flowers, display art work, or showcase some of your unique collectibles and souvenirs. A display cabinet, pedestal, credenza, and console table are all good choices for this. If your hallway is wide enough, you could consider placing a sideboard or side table; then you will have plenty of room to store even more items and a large table top surface that you can use in a number of ways.

Like with any other space, the size of your hallway will determine the number of furniture you can add to the space and in what sizes. A large hallway has the unique advantage of allowing you to place bigger sized furniture. If you’re lucky to have one of these, buy large tables, benches, drawer chests, and sideboards. They’ll make the entryway appeal full and complete, plus the extra storage room they offer always comes in handy. If your entryway is narrow, choose narrow hallway furniture to match the available space. In doing so, you get the furniture you need without gobbling up all the free space so that after you’ve arranged the furniture, there’s enough room left for people to walk around.